Fabric - Material

Price Ranges

There are three price ranges of material:

  • 1 star
  • 2 star
  • 3 star

The fabric marked with 1 star matches the price of the garment marked with 1 star, and the same for 2 & 3 star fabrics. The price difference is what I pay per metre for the fabrics. The 3 star fabric is better quality, while the 1 star fabric is a cheaper range. I do try to get fabrics on sale so you can get good quality fabric at cheaper prices.
In order to determine the price of your garment, work our your size, then choose your material, and check its fabric code - this will tell you whether you will use the 1, 2, or 3 star price (listed under each garment).

Fabric Codes

We have now added codes to all our fabrics.
Each fabric has a two letter code that refers to the type of material (i.e. 100% cotton is CT)
The 4-digit number shows how many stars the fabric is, and the fabric's stock number.

  • Any number beginning with a 1 is a 1-star fabric.
  • Any number beginning with a 2 is a 2-star fabric.
  • Any number beginning with a 3 is a 3-star fabric.

The only exception is when fabrics are on sale. 3-star fabrics are sold at the price of 2-star fabrics.
For example:
Girls Primrose dress (#1) in size 2-5 is normally $31.00 in fabric CT3015 (a 3-star 100% cotton). When this fabric is on sale, the same dress, with the same fabric will cost only $23.00 (the 2-star fabric price).


I recommend only washing the 100% cotton material in cold water and drying them in the shade, which helps the garments last longer, and not shrink.

Using your Own Fabric

If you prefer me to sew any of your garments in your own fabric, follow the one star price and deduct the following amounts:

  • $8 for ladies dresses/pinafores/nightgowns/skirts.
  • $6 for girls dresses/pinafores/nightgowns/skirts.
  • $4 for babies dresses/pinafores/nightgowns/skirts.
  • $6 for boys clothing.
  • $6 for ladies blouses/vests.
  • $4 for girls blouses/vests.
  • $2 for babies blouses/vests.

If you do send me your own fabric, please ensure you send the right amount:

  • 3.5m for ladies dresses/pinafores/nightgowns/skirts.
  • 3.0m for girls dresses/pinafores/nightgowns/skirts.
  • 1.5m for babies dresses/pinafores/nightgowns/skirts.
  • 3.0m for boys clothing.
  • 2.0m for ladies blouses/vests.
  • 1.8m for girls blouses/vests.
  • 1.0m for babies blouses/vests.

These lengths are for 112cm wide fabric.
If your fabric is only 90cm wide, allow 1 metre extra.
Add 50cm for long sleeve garments.

Using your Own Pattern

If you prefer me to sew your own pattern, the charge is minimum $15 (depends on pattern/work involved in the pattern), and your pattern will only be sewn at our discretion (we will not sew some patterns because of our own personal convictions).

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